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What MLB players and owners are really negotiating about

Earlier this week, MLB owners presented their opening offer for a 2020 baseball season to their counterparts in the players’ union. Their proposed plan to start the season in July includes half the amount of games, a redesigned divisional schedule to make it easier on players and staff, as well as a number of other […]

How to resolve a difficult negotiation or harmful conflict

In my last post, I described two of our social tendencies that have the ability to create and escalate harmful conflict.  Below are four powerful strategies we can use when conflict escalates to the point of peril and instead change course towards a mutually beneficial outcome. Offer a reasonable concession As counter-intuitive as it may […]

Dwight and Nellie’s Dangerous Game – What To Avoid During A Conflict

Will he actually cut off her hand? While this outcome might seem far-fetched, fans of The Office familiar with the character of Dwight have been conditioned enough by his antics to actually wonder. And while he might seem crazy enough to do it, it’s the chain of events created through Dwight and Nellie’s confrontation that […]

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