4 Powerful Traits of Truly Charismatic Leaders

In his recent work “Charisma, The Microsociology of Power and Influence”, sociologist Randal Collins provides a fascinating analysis of what makes someone truly charismatic.

How To Create a Strong Negotiation Culture Within Your Sales Team

It’s easy for management to blame salespeople when negotiations conclude with value left on the table.  But what they often fail to realize is that selling and negotiating are fundamentally different skill sets requiring fundamentally different behaviors.

Want better E.I.? Start by understanding emotions

Much has been written about the power of emotional intelligence, including popular works by various experts such as Daniel Goleman, Chris Voss, Travis Bradberry, and others. Further, according to a 2013 study on the topic of emotional intelligence and sales, strong emotional intelligence is a trademark characteristic of high performers, especially those who can combine …

I’m Back.

Hi everyone, Happy to report I am bringing the blog back to life. Where have I been and what has changed over the past nine months? A ton! More on that in the near future… In the meantime, I am proud to share that savingface.blog has been featured on Forbes.com by Negotiation and Conflict Resolution …


Being ghosted is one of the common phenomenons that salespeople experience day in and day out. After so much perceived “rejection”, it can be easy for anyone to fall into the trap of believing their prospect is no longer interested. According to face theory, the most common way that we deal with face threats to …