3 Powerful Ways To Train Our Curiosity

Curiosity is recognized as an integral part of selling, negotiating and leading. However, some fear curiosity is an innate quality that cannot be trained. Similar to things like confidence, drive, or intelligence, we either have it or we don’t.  Throughout my career training and coaching sales professionals I’ve come to the opposite conclusion: curiosity can …

3 Things I Learned From Wall Street’s Most Successful Dealmaker

James B. Lee was a legendary Wall Street banker and one of the world’s greatest dealmakers.  Called “Jimmy” by those who knew him, if you were to read his resume or review his accolades you might expect a real-life version of the infamous movie character Gordon Gekko. For example, he combed his hair slicked back …

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How The Psychology of Rewards Impacts Our Success In Sales

According to behavioral psychologists, rewards are more attractive to us the closer we are to receiving them. Further, humans have a tendency to “discount” equal or even greater rewards when not available until the distant future. Why does this make sales hard? Because especially in many instances we are asking our prospects for immediate sacrifices, …

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Want To Close More Deals? Make Your Numbers Count.

After reading the title of this post you might be thinking, “Sounds easy” or “I already do that”. Present some impressive sounding numbers about ROI or COI so the people making the decision can understand the value, right? Wrong! According to the Karla Starr and Chip Heath, authors of “Making Numbers Count”, simply sharing numbers …

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What It Means To Sell On Emotion

“People buy on emotion and justify with logic.” This is a familiar phrase many sales professionals agree with. However, much less agreed upon is what this statement means, and just how to use this information to be more successful. What gets in our way? First, the mere notion that emotions are the primary drivers of …

The Powerful Sales Lesson in Katy Milkman’s new book “How To Change”

I am full believer that salespeople, more than anything, help facilitate change. For this reason, I was greatly interested in Katy Milkman’s new book, “How To Change, The Science of Getting From Where You Are To Where You Want To Be”. Happily, I was not disappointed. It did not take long to find an incredibly …

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4 Powerful Traits of Truly Charismatic Leaders

In his recent work “Charisma, The Microsociology of Power and Influence”, sociologist Randal Collins provides a fascinating analysis of what makes someone truly charismatic.

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Ways You Can Accelerate Your Negotiations — You Probably Haven’t Tried

If you negotiate right, you can be the most powerful person in a discussion. But traditional schooling does an awful job showing you it’s possible. 

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New episode on the Negotiate Anything Podcast: “How To Win More Through Emotional Intelligence”

I’m excited to share this new interview with Kwame Christian on Negotiate Anything, the top Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Podcast in the world, also ranked #6 among all management-related shows on Apple Podcasts.

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